In February, 8 Closure Orders were served on food businesses by the HSE, on behalf of the FSAI

3 of these were in Dublin, and 1 each in Tipperary, Offaly, Meath, Limerick, and Galway.

Main Reasons for HSE Closures

The main reasons for the closures were:

Evidence of Pest & Rodent Activity

Excessive build-up of grease and dirt in food areas

Lack of, or no traceability documentation in place

Raw foods stored over ready-to-eat foods (which were uncovered) in a freezer.

Untrained staff, unable to answer basic competence questions

Lack of, or no temperature records for good, including high-risk foods

Fraudulent records for high-risk foods

No running hot water to wash hands

Mislabeling of food products

Inadequate space to safely process high-risk foods, such as raw chicken.

FSAI comments on the closures

The FSAI commended the vast majority of food businesses that adhere to the highest standards of food safety while reminding others that it is their legal obligation to adhere to food safety laws & provide ongoing food safety training for their staff.

Any food business not implementing a Safe Food Culture & a robust HACCP Management System will be served an enforcement order, which may include closure & prosecution.

On my travels over the past week, I have been to two stores at a time when an EHO inspection was taking place, and I have had a couple of calls this week, and last week with queries from clients who have had an inspection and have letters to action.

How to avoid an HSE closure order

Speak to us today about a call to your premises, where we can quickly take you through the basics to keep you compliant.

We can conduct an audit of your premises, provide you with a task list and an action plan that will keep you and your business on track when it comes to food safety compliance.


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