Covid 19 Public Health Guidelines. What are the changes today? 28/2/22

Today sees two very substantial changes to the official public health guidelines regarding Covid 19.

Mask Wearing.

In a very significant change, mask-wearing is now no longer required by law in indoor public settings, such as retail shops, pubs, restaurants, hospitality, entertainment, etc. People are still advised to wear masks on public transport and in healthcare settings. You can of course continue to wear a mask as you wish, but it is no longer the law to do so.

Covid 19 Symptoms

If you have Covid 19 symptoms, you are required to self-isolate until at least 48 hours after your symptoms end. You are no longer required to carry out a covid test unless:

1. You are over 55 and have not received a booster vaccine.

2. You are immunocompromised, in close contact with someone who is immunocompromised, or are caring for someone, such as the sick and elderly.

3. You have a high-risk medical condition

4. You are pregnant

Close contacts in the healthcare profession should continue to test.


Children in schools no longer require a mask, and testing will be scaled back. Children will no longer be kept in pods in classrooms and at playtime.
Remember, that while it is very liberating to be able to remove your mask, covid is still alive and well among us all. Removing your mask means you remove your protection, and that of others around you.
For employers, you are required to put all necessary measures in place in your company to protect the health and safety of your employees. Covid is still a real risk and requires risk assessment and control measures.

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