WRC inspection awards 2021

Did you know? Almost €1 million was awarded to employees for unpaid wages in 2021?

This figure only relates to money awarded following WRC workplace inspections and does not include money awarded following employee complaints adjudicated by the WRC, where awards were made for unfair dismissal, discrimination, etc. In 2020, the WRC awarded €5.1m in such cases!

Almost half the amount awarded was in the fishing, retail & wholesale sectors. A high number of inspections are carried out in these sectors, as they are seen to have a high level of non-compliance with employment legislation including work permit legislation.

Almost 4.5k inspections took place, where the WRC, sometimes in conjunction with the Dept. of Social Protection, Revenue, or the Gardai, inspect employment records and interviewed staff.

WRC Compaints in 2021

Over 12k individual complaints were made to the WRC with almost 5k complaint applications filed on the grounds of pay, unfair dismissal, equality, and discrimination.

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