Public Holidays in Ireland

Here’s a quick reminder of the Irish Public Holidays, and how to calculate payment.

There are 9 Public Holidays in Ireland, 10 from 2023.

New Years’ Day1st Mon of February (2023 onwards)

St. Patricks Day

Easter Monday

1st Mon of May

1st Mon of June

1st Mon of August

Last Mon of October

Christmas Day

St. Stephens Day

Once off Public Holiday 2022

March 18th this year was a Public Holiday, meaning there were two public holidays last week!

Payment for Bank Holidays

To qualify for public holiday entitlement, an employee must have worked at least 40 hours in the five weeks prior to the holiday date.

If an employee works more than the above, their bank holiday payment (if not working on the day) is calculated as an average day’s pay based on hours worked in the past 13 weeks.

If an employee works on the day, they are entitled to:

An extra days pay

A paid day off within one month

An extra day’s annual leave

Employees on Sick Leave

If a full, or part-time employee is on sick leave during a public holiday, they are still entitled to the above. The payment can be made as normal when paying other staff members, even though the employee is absent.