Here’s why you MUST take your obligation to Health & Safety compliance training seriously!

I got a phone call one Sunday from work, to say a staff member was in the emergency department, having been blinded by a workplace chemical.
You can imagine the shock, so I dropped everything & went straight to A&E. There, I was greeted by the angry family of a young student girl, waiting on news of her condition.
Now, I’m not going to mention her name or any personal details, but my first concern was her safety & wellbeing, just before I get into the other serious side of this, liability!!
I’ll keep it brief & factual here. The girl in question was ok, eventually, but had no sight in one eye for several months after.
I had to investigate what happened & why.
The employee had used oven cleaner with no eye or skin protection & no mask. Silly you would say?
Here’s the important bit. Silly or not, you MUST prove that you trained your staff to safely carry out all tasks in the workplace. Someone else’s stupidity will never do when making excuses.
The Law States you must:
Carry out a risk assessment of all workplace tasks & identify hazards & manage the risk associated.
In this case, chemical awareness training is a legal requirement. If you don’t do it (which thankfully I did), you are negligent & will be sued (by the sufferer) & prosecuted (by the Health & Safety Authority).
Imagine the regret that would set in if you got this call and didn’t do the compliance training?
Talk to us today about how we can identify training needs like these in your business. It is simple to do (you book the courses) & affordable (most courses like these are inexpensive as they are short).

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