Large number of Product Recalls

There has been a very large amount of serious product recalls lately, & the FSAI are on to it pretty hard!
In short, YOU, the retailer, are responsible for a product recall that may involve food you are selling, but how will you know it’s unsafe? If you don’t manage it, you may end up in the middle of a food poisoning investigation.
This is part of an effective food safety management system.
1. You are legally responsible for approving the suppliers you choose. This includes making sure they have a recall system in place if they sell you a dodgy product.
2. You must make sure you have traceability information for your products, one step back (supplier) & one step forward (customer), unless the customer is the end consumer.
3. You must keep records of all the ingredients you use in your dishes etc. in case you sell a prepared product that is found to be contaminated with a recalled ingredient.
4. You must keep records of all food recalls & withdrawals including the actions you take.
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