P60 is now the ‘Employment Detail Summary’

Where’s my P60? It has been a few years now since the traditional P60 because a thing of the past, but how do you get your hands on its replacement? The ‘Employment Detail Summary’ is available through the Revenue, and shows your income for the […]


HACCP Terminology Explained- FREE Booklet

Do you or your staff sometimes struggle with HACCP Terminology? Words like ‘Contamination’, Multiplication’ & Pathogens can cause great confusion.   However, the FSAI has put together this very handy booklet. Print off and leave it where your staff can access it. PLEASE SHARE!   […]


WRC Audits- Employer’s Records Log

WRC Audits- Employer’s Records Log WRC- Three letters to make you shiver on a January morning, and it has nothing to do with the weather either!   Do you know that the WRC can audit your premises unannounced at any moment, without your permission?   […]


National Minimum Wage Increase 2022

The Basics- National Minimum Wage Increase 2022 Here’s a quick reminder of the minimum wage increase now in effect from January 1st, 2022.   The new top minimum rate is €10.50/hr for those ages 20 years and older.   If you have employees aged 19, […]


Change in Minimum Wage Rates for 2022!

Change in Minimum Wage Rates for 2022! Remember that if you are issuing contracts to new permanent staff, the minimum wage will increase to €10.50/hr from January 1st, 2022. It is also a good time to review existing staff on your payroll, to ensure you […]


Nine Enforcement Orders in November

Nine Enforcement Orders in November The FSAI announced that nine enforcement orders were issued for November 2021. These included 8 closure orders, which are issued if an immediate risk to public health is identified. Of the eight closure orders, 5 were in Dublin, and one […]


Traceability System, A legal Requirement

Traceability System, A legal Requirement Do you have a full Traceability System in place for all your food products? It is the law, but what exactly does this mean for you and your business? We can help you determine which legislation applies to you, and […]


Case Study- Food Poisoning 11 Year Old

Case Study- Food Poisoning (Katie, 11yrs old) This is the story of a young girl Katie, 11 years old.   Katie went to school one morning as she normally did. Her mother didn’t pack her lunch, because the school had a meal system to feed […]


The Basics- Employment Contracts

The Basics- Employment Contracts   Do all your employees have Contracts of Employment?   Do those contracts contain all the up-to-date required information?   Avoid the stress (and prosecutions) by ensuring all your employment contracts are issued, as required by law.   Watch our video […]


VIDEO-Engage Retail Customer Reviews

Here are some of our latest Customer Reviews Here are just some of our recent Testimonials & Reviews from our valued clients & course attendees. Thank you all so much for the kind words, and for helping us to improve our services for you!   […]