How to Calibrate a Digital Thermometer

How to Calibrate A Digital Thermometer We have a very simple and quick video on how to calibrate a digital thermometer. The steps are extremely easy to follow. All you need is your thermometer, a kettle & a glass of ice, and water! Remember, calibrating […]


Cover the Basics of TILE Assessment

Cover the Basics of TILE Assessment Make sure before you start any manual handling task that it is safe to do so, using the simple TILE risk assessment. Watch our video to learn how.     You can book Manual Handling Training HERE   #healthandsafetyvideo […]


Have You hired new Employees lately?

Have You hired new Employees lately? It is vital to meet your employer’s legal obligations when hiring new staff.Indeed, this applies to existing staff too, so if you don’t have the following (at minimum) in place act now! Training- All Sectors Manual Handling Training Course […]


VIDEO: The Principles of Manual Handling

VIDEO: The Principles of Manual Handling We’ve just updated our ‘Principles of Manual Handling’ video that we shared previously.   It is a great way to remind staff of the correct lifting techniques and will only take a couple of minutes.   Watch it here. […]

how-to-calibrate-a food-probe-haccp-training-course

FREE ‘Probe Calibration’ poster.

Calibrating a probe internally, a legal requirement. Here’s a very useful FREE poster that you can use in your food business, explaining very simply how to do an internal probe test. This is a legal requirement. You must be able to demonstrate the integrity of […]


HACCP Temperature Tips

HACCP Temperature Tips   Here is a handy graphic that explains the legal requirements for temperatures in the food industry.   Do your staff know all of these & are confident in what they are doing? You’d be surprised that often this is not the […]


Large number of Product Recalls

Large number of Product Recalls   There has been a very large amount of serious product recalls lately, & the FSAI are on to it pretty hard!   In short, YOU, the retailer, are responsible for a product recall that may involve food you are […]