Nine Enforcement Orders in November

The FSAI announced that nine enforcement orders were issued for November 2021.

These included 8 closure orders, which are issued if an immediate risk to public health is identified. Of the eight closure orders, 5 were in Dublin, and one each in Meath, Leitrim & Monaghan.

There were also two prosecutions secured in November, against two premises in Dublin.

Reasons for the closures & enforcement orders

  • Live & active infestation of cockroaches
  • No pest control in place
  • Dirty & Food-Stained surfaces for preparing foods.
  • Overflowing sewage from a toilet due to a blocked drain
  • The floor in the preparation area was flooded with overflowing grease trap water
  • No commitment to a Food Safety Culture including no staff supervision & training
  • Fridges not working correctly & high-risk foods failing to meet the required storage temperature
  • No Allergen information was provided in writing for customers

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