3414 Food Safety Complaints made in 2021!

The FSAI, in a new publication, has confirmed that it received a whopping 3414 Food Safety Complaints in 2021 to its advice line.

This represents a 23% increase on the previous year, expected somewhat as many businesses were closed for large parts of 2020.

Of the complaints, 36%, or 1235 complaints were made regarding ‘unfit’ food.622 complaints were related to food poisoning.

24% of complaints were made regarding hygiene & personal hygiene standards in food premises around the country.

This makes up 815 of the total complaints made.139 complaints were made regarding missing or incorrect labeling, and a further 97 complaints were as a result of missing or incorrect allergen information.

162 unregistered food businesses were reported to the FSAI.

344 complaints classified as ‘other’, including Covid breaches, were reported also.
There was a particularly high number of physical contamination complaints made, including from people who found wood, hair, glass, plastic, stones & metal in their food. Insects, including maggots, were found, & in one case a spider was found in a cocktail.

Managing Food Safety & HACCP

The above complaints were made because some food businesses around the country choose not to do the simple things right. There is no magic wand required to correct these issues.
Any sensible individual would not need an explanation on what is wrong here, and how to rectify them, but there is one key piece of advice to take away from this.

Food Safety Culture & HACCP Management Systems

It is a legal requirement, as an owner, manager, or whatever title you choose when it comes to running a food business, to ensure you have implemented a ‘Safe Food Culture’ in your business.
This involves registering your business with the HSE or relevant authority, designing and implementing a HACCP Management System, training staff to the required standard of competence in Food Safety & Food Hygiene Practices, and ensuring you and all your staff have the correct skills, knowledge, experience, resources and above all commitment & application and attitude to achieve a safe food environment for all.

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