Keeping Employee Hour Records

WRC while carrying out employer inspections will require full hourly records for each employee. They must be ready at the site of employment. This includes days/ hours worked and breaks taken. They must be signed by the employee to acknowledge that the hours are accurate […]


Rest Break Entitlements for Employees

Everything you need to know about Rest Breaks for Employees! Employees are entitled to daily and weekly rest breaks in accordance with the provisions laid out in the ‘Organisation of Working Time Act, 1997’. While there are some exceptions, most employees are entitled to a […]


5 Closure Orders were served in June

5 Food Businesses were served with Closure Orders in June, for breach of food safety legislation. Of the 5, 4 businesses were in Dublin, with the other in Co. Laois. The reasons given were all too familiar. They include; a lack of pest control systems […]

sick pay scheme starting September 2022

Statutory Sick Pay 2022

The Statutory Sick Pay Scheme comes into legislation in September 2022. So what do you need to know? What is the Statutory Sick Pay Scheme? There is currently no obligation on employers to pay employees for sick leave under the law unless stated in their […]

WRC inspection awards 2021

€1m awarded in unpaid wages in 2021!

Did you know? Almost €1 million was awarded to employees for unpaid wages in 2021? This figure only relates to money awarded following WRC workplace inspections and does not include money awarded following employee complaints adjudicated by the WRC, where awards were made for unfair […]


Health and Safety Statements

Do you own a business? Do you have a Health and Safety Statement? Do you know that the law states that you must have a Health and Safety Statement in your business, and carry out a full Risk Assessment within your business, even if you […]


7 Food Closure Orders served in May

7 Closure Orders were served on food businesses in May! In May, authorities acting on behalf of the FSAI closed 7 food businesses and also issued a Prohibition Order on an additional premises. They were served in Monaghan, Offaly, Donegal, Wexford, and four in Dublin. […]


Full list of Irish Public Holidays

Public Holidays in Ireland Here’s a quick reminder of the Irish Public Holidays, and how to calculate payment. There are 9 Public Holidays in Ireland, 10 from 2023. New Years’ Day1st Mon of February (2023 onwards) St. Patricks Day Easter Monday 1st Mon of May […]


Account Manager awarded €120,000 by WRC

WRC award €120,000 to Account Manager An Account Manager working for an International Firm was recently awarded €120k after being made redundant without warning, during a Microsoft Teams meeting. This is equal to one year’s pay, as he was on €120k with the company. The […]


8 Food Business Closures in February

In February, 8 Closure Orders were served on food businesses by the HSE, on behalf of the FSAI 3 of these were in Dublin, and 1 each in Tipperary, Offaly, Meath, Limerick, and Galway. Main Reasons for HSE Closures The main reasons for the closures […]


3414 Food Safety Complaints made in 2021!

3414 Food Safety Complaints made in 2021! The FSAI, in a new publication, has confirmed that it received a whopping 3414 Food Safety Complaints in 2021 to its advice line. This represents a 23% increase on the previous year, expected somewhat as many businesses were […]


Our Latest Projects

Just some of our latest Services! Wow, We’ve had a busy time lately!! Here are just some of the services we’ve been getting our hands dirty with. There are so many ways we can and do help clients on a daily basis, and we love […]


Covid 19 Public Guidelines 28/2/22

Covid 19 Public Health Guidelines. What are the changes today? 28/2/22 Today sees two very substantial changes to the official public health guidelines regarding Covid 19. Mask Wearing. In a very significant change, mask-wearing is now no longer required by law in indoor public settings, […]


VIDEO The Basics of Pest Control

The Basics of Pest Control

It’s that time of the year again when our furry little friends are trying to find a warm home to make babies for the winter!
Don’t get caught out. Make sure you leave the heavy lifting to the experts.


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