FSAI release 133 Food Alerts in 2021

The FSAI issued 133 Food Safety Alerts in 2021, 30 of which were Allergen Alerts.
Food Safety alerts are issued for a number of reasons, often because the particular food is a danger to consumer health, such as when it contains foreign objects such as glass or plastics, when it contains toxic chemicals, such as those used in product areas or those present in higher than allowed concentrations, or in the case of the presence of food poisoning micro-organisms, such as listeria or salmonella. There is also a risk to consumer health through the presence of allergens, which are sometimes not declared as required by law.
There are other less serious reasons, such as incorrect labeling, incorrect dates on the products, or perhaps a product has arrived on the Irish market from abroad and isn’t cleared for sale here, or in the EU due to food regulations.


So what can you do to help?

1. Make sure you have a full HACCP Management System in place, including a proper Supplier Approval System.
2. Make sure you train all your staff by booking them on an Allergen Awareness Course, so they are fully aware of the practical steps and legal requirements they must consider when preparing food.
3. Make sure all of your food products are prepared in a carefully designed and controlled environment, correctly and fully labeled and you have a fully internal traceability system listing all ingredients used.
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