Have You hired new Employees lately?

It is vital to meet your employer’s legal obligations when hiring new staff.
Indeed, this applies to existing staff too, so if you don’t have the following (at minimum) in place act now!

Training- All Sectors

Manual Handling Training Course BOOK HERE
Health & Safety
Fire Safety Training Course BOOK HERE
Chemical Safety BOOK HERE

HACCP Training Courses

HACCP Training Course Level 1 (pre-employment) BOOK HERE
HACCP Training Course Level 2 (within 3 months of employment) BOOK HERE
HACCP Training Course Level 3 (Managers & Supervisors) BOOK HERE
Allergens Training Course BOOK HERE

Employment Documents Required

Contract (Employment Terms & Conditions)
Job Description
Employee Handbook
Access to Pension Scheme Information
Grievance & Disciplinary Policy
Bullying, Harassment & Sexual Harassment Policy
Working Time Act (Break entitlements etc.)
Young Persons Act (for U18s)
Access to Health & Safety Statement

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